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Why Me?

Why Me? My Firm Is As Unique As You Are

I offer you a unique wealth management experience. Built on transparency, honesty and straightforward guidance.  I truly put you and your family first.

The financial practice I’ve created reflects the best of what I’ve learned from over 20 years in the financial services industry working to create enduring client relationships. I think you’ll find many qualities set my firm apart.

Professional Guidance. Taking time to know you.

As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), I have met rigorous professional standards and adhere to principles of integrity, objectivity, confidentiality and diligence. Before I offer a single piece of advice, I invest the time to fully understand you, your life, your goals, your values and dreams.

Fiduciary Responsibility. Your interests come first.

My fiduciary role as both a CFP® and an Investment Advisor Representative aligns with my desire to put you first. Any recommendations I make must be in your best interest.

Fee-Based Financial Advisor. Fees are transparent:

I receive money from clients in three ways: 1) fees for financial planning and/or 2) fees for assets under management and/or 3) Commissions when/if insurance products are used. Fees are fully disclosed to our clients.

Strategic Partners. Deep bench, well respected and knowledgeable.

I have access to a variety of vetted strategic partners including investment firms and resources that offer diversified portfolio opportunities.

Life Transitions Expertise. Guiding you through life’s surprises.

A divorce or the death of a spouse can unexpectedly and severely impact your lifestyle, cash flow and financial security. I am well versed in providing sound financial advice and direction to see you through these life changes.

Personal Service. High touch and customized.

I provide personal service and strive to become your financial guide and coach. I am available for big and small financial decisions alike.

Honesty & Direction. Supporting your goals not your habits.

I’ll tell you what you need to know, not necessarily what you want to hear. Providing a rational and objective voice when the market noise and talking heads incite fear or threaten your resolve, I’ll be alongside and will do all I can to keep you moving ahead in the right direction.

Simplicity. No jargon.

I provide straight forward solutions and eliminate the jargon so you can grasp what is truly important.

Expert Collaboration. Connecting all your family’s partners.

I can serve as my client’s personal financial officer by understanding and coordinating the efforts of accountants, attorneys, bankers, mortgage lenders and others to maintain a cohesive plan for all aspects of your financial life.