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Investment Strategy

Historically, the stock market has been the best way to participate in economic growth, helping investors achieve their financial goals. Investments in the stock market periodically experience deep declines, which can shake client’s confidence. During these declines, clients may withdraw from the markets, and often miss the rebound, which can have devastating results on their long-term returns.

We believe that a combination of strategies can help provide a smoother investment experience over the long term and thus help you to stay in the markets. This is important as it has been shown to increase the likelihood that you will achieve your long term financial goals if you remain invested during turbulent market environments.

Our strategies include core market exposure that’s important for long-term investing success, as well as solutions designed to work during periods of stress to mitigate deep declines, or take advantage of opportunities to earn higher returns.

  • Core equity strategies.
    • Provide exposure to growth in domestic and global economies
  • Tactical strategies.
    • Provide supplemental returns through active equity management and can play an important role during choppy markets
  • Diversifying strategies.
    • Strategies designed to help manage equity risk, particularly during times of steep market declines

We are discriminating in our choice of investment partners, choosing those with access to cost effective institutional investment management and a combination of both passive and active strategies. We vet those partners regularly to insure that they continue to do the job we tasked them with and to keep abreast of the evolving investment scene so that we continue to offer our clients competitive and cost effective investment solutions.