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Photo Gallery

My love affair with taking photographs started when I was a journalist and photographer for my high school paper, “The Wasco”. I loved being in the dark room and developing the pictures – that’s where the magic happened. Today I still love taking photographs and I realize the magic is not only in the developing (Lightroom) but in the composition and the lighting.

Disclosure:  I am an amateur.  I didn't take my first photograph in aperture mode until this past spring, so I have a lot to learn.  Although I am not likely to win an award any time soon (and not my goal), I thoroughly enjoy the creativity, art and pleasure it gives me and I hope you do too.

Iditarod 2019

We recently hosted some generous Camp Korey donors on a bucket list trip to watch the start of the Iditarod and tour Alaska.  The Iditarod, known as the “Last Great Race” never loses my love or fascination.  The 1049 mile race commemorates the heroic dogs and mushers who in 1925 raced serum north to save the children and families of Nome from a diphtheria epidemic. 

Watching the dogs and talking to the mushers, you gain a true appreciation for the dedication, training and respect amongst the team.  Every dog knows and plays its role.  The musher provides direction, encouragement and love they need to travel the back trails of the last frontier.  Regardless of their finish, it is truly the Last Great Race and every team is a winner. 

A few of my favorite photos from the recent trip including Aliy Zirkle, one of my favorite mushers.

“Congratulations to Peter Kaiser, the Iditarod 2019 winner, who finished in 9 days, 12 hours, 39 minutes and 6 seconds. He arrived in Nome after 3 AM to a crowd of family and supporters. Peter, who is Yupik, from Bethel, Alaska attributed his win to years of knowledge running the race and a better dog team this year. Congratulations Peter!

Tuscon Women's Photography Tour

Local photographer, Lisa Merrill, hosted a small group of women on a 4 day jaunt to the Southwest. It was my first time taking pictures on my new Olympus with professional lenses and in aperture mode. It was a spectacular place to practice my skills and I had a very difficult time narrowing down my favorites.  

SE Alaska Boat Trip

Thanks to the incredible generosity of Kim and Steve Oberto, we have enjoyed their boat and hospitality not once but twice via their donation to the Camp Korey annual auction.  It is heaven on earth to explore/fish in pristine waters amongst a stunning backdrop of magnificent landscapes, view happy animals in their natural habitat and eat freshly caught spot prawns, Dungeness crab, halibut and salmon.  Highlight of this past summer's trip was our son's proposal to his girlfriend in front of a ragingWarm Springs on Baranof Island.

Alaska Iditarod 2018

Jay and I lived in Anchorage, his hometown, right after college.  Alaska is truly the last frontier.  As his parents have aged we have begun to take an annual trip in March to visit and enjoy the Iditarod.  Attached are my favorite photos of the ceremonial start in downtown Anchorage on 4th Street.  It touches my heart to see the special relationship between the mushers and their dogs.  And, it is true that the dog's personality determines their places in the team.  It makes sense and is cool to see.